Executive roundtable: Mastering the retail media measurement minefield

About the event

Date: Thursday, March 23
Time: 9:30 – 11:30 a.m.
Location: The Hoxton Hotel
Address: 200 N. Green St., Chicago, IL

The value of retail media networks is clear. Or is it? 

While the promise of tapping into valuable, first-party shopper data to connect with consumers across the entire buyer journey is appealing, brands are still struggling to measure the success of retail media in a way that is meaningful to their organization. Proving ROI—and now on top of that, the incremental value of each new retailer that launches a network—continues to plague many organizations.  

Join Skai, Amazon Ads, and a select group of your peers for an invite-only breakfast roundtable at The Hoxton Hotel in Chicago on March 23 as we dig into some timely topics for discussion:

  • How measures of success are evolving beyond traditional vanity metrics, as profitability of retail media comes under scrutiny
  • KPIs and measures of success brands should adopt
  • How goals and benchmarks should differ across retailers
  • Determining the incremental impact of each retail media network, campaign, and tactic
  • Best practices to accurately assess the true value/impact of retail media investments
  • Data you need to successfully measure the impact of retail media and how to acquire it when retailers don’t make it readily available

Meet the hosts

Nich Weinheimer
EVP Strategy, Skai
Jeff Cohen
Principal Evangelist, Advertising API, Amazon