[Webinar] Google Ads Broad Match: How to Win with AI-powered Search

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About the event

January 18th | 12 p.m. ET

Some marketers still associate their past experiences using Google Ads Broad Match with skepticism. It’s time to dive into how Broad Match has evolved to help you better understand a user’s intent and how you can benefit from using it more strategically. 

In the webinar, experts from Rakuten Advertising, Google, and Skai will explore:

  • The evolution of Google Ads Broad Match 
  • Why Broad Match + RSA + Smart Bidding is the foundation of Google’s AI-powered search 
  • Best practices for testing and implementation 

Future-proof your search strategy by understanding how the latest updates to Google Ads Broad Match can impact your marketing results, and how AI-powered capabilities from Skai can play a crucial role in setting yourself up for success in the future. 


Josh Dreller
Director, Content Marketing, Skai
Oliver Kiderle
Sr. Product Manager,
Lauren Bennett
Director, Performance Solutions,
Rakuten Advertising
Mark Sherman
Senior Product Manager,