Are You Ready To Get Primed this Prime Day?
Join Us Live on LinkedIn Aug 24 - Sept 2nd

Join Skai and a dynamic panel of guest speakers live on Linkedin for our week-long series as ecommerce experts share tips and tricks to help you successfully plan for the challenges and uncertainty Prime Day 2020 is expected to present.

Check out our lineup below and set your calendar to maximize Amazon’s biggest day!

Guest Speakers

Jamie Kahn
Associate Director
Horizon Media
Mark Stamps
VP, Digital Commerce
Harvest Group
Joseph Hansen
Founder & CEO
Buy Box Experts
Kobi Gershoni
Co-Founder & Chief Research Officer
Signals Analytics
Molly Hop
SVP, Commerce Strategy, North America
Publicis Media
Brad Keeling
VP, Commerce Practice Lead
Spark Foundry
Caroline Ballard
VP, Director for eCommerce & SEM
John Elliott
VP, Commerce Director
Jason Comack
VP, Search, Shopper and Commerce Marketing
Keith Anderson
SVP, Strategy & Insights
Dan Eriksen
Senior Manager, Partnerships
Megan Harbold
VP, Global Strategic Consulting
Nich Weinheimer
GM, Ecommerce
Kevin Weiss
VP, Client Success, Ecommerce
Brandon Ventimiglia
Director, Client Success, Ecommerce
Melissa Barringer
Manager of Expert Services, Ecommerce
Monday, August 24th at 12:00PM ET
The Halo Effect of Prime Day
Join us as the commerce experts from Harvest Group and Horizon Media discuss the impact Prime Day has on other channels such as Google, Facebook and Walmart as well as strategies for managing the halo effect of Prime Day successfully.
Tuesday, August 25th at 1:00PM ET
Go Beyond ROAS this Prime Day
Publicis Media Performance Marketers joins us to discuss the difference between sales-based planning vs. holistic planning and why planning for multiple scenarios is the new table stakes. Also, they'll lean in on how to go beyond ROAS and into Share with your Prime Day strategy.
Wednesday, August 26th at 12:00PM ET
How COVID-19 Will Impact Prime Day 2020
From extended shipping times to order limitations, will COVID-19 continue to have an impact this Prime Day? We'll find out just how big of an impact, if any, from our data partner, Signals Analytics.
Thursday, August 27th at 12:00PM ET
How to Win the #1 Best Seller Badge on Prime Day
It's the battle of the badge! Join invites Buy Box Expert alongside our ecomm experts for an around the horn battle on the best tips and tricks to help marketers, brands and retailers win the #1 best seller badge this Prime Day. You the viewers will weigh in to crown the winner of this round.
Friday, August 28th at 12:00PM ET
Reducing Wasted Ad Spend with Retail Signals
Hear from our data partner, Profitero as they share how to successfully use holistic product health and consumer demand signals — such as sales, traffic, conversion, and out of stock rates — to optimize retailer advertising campaigns and accelerate online sales growth for products.
Wednesday, Sept 2nd at 12PM ET
Competitive Intelligence for a Competitive Edge Webinar
Join data partners, Skai and DataWeave as they share challenges brands often face when prepping for big events like Prime Day and even determining the right advertising strategy from data gaps, to too much data without direction or making decisions in a vacuum and not considering a more holistic view.