Inspiring Dining Series: Amazon Ads and the next wave of retail media

About the event

UK retail media has been dominated by Amazon. And with ad spend expected to reach £2.4 billion by 2024, the behemoth’s influence will only continue to grow.

But for brands advertising on the platform, new challenges are emerging. Remaining profitable is harder than ever as increasing competition pushes up ad costs. And as retailers like John Lewis, Tesco and Boots start to ramp up their own offerings, there is the added complexity of deciding how and where to spend budgets most effectively. 

The next wave of retail media is upon us and it looks very different to what has gone before. New strategies, data sources, measurement techniques and expertise within your team are going to be essential. Are you ready?

Join Skai, the intelligent marketing platform managing millions of pounds of retail media ad spend for some of the world’s leading brands, alongside Amazon Ads for an exclusive, roundtable discussion on September 8th from 6 p.m. BST at London’s aptly named Amazonico restaurant. 

Menu for discussion:

  • With new media formats like CTV and DSP, Amazon is aggressively evolving what retail media looks like beyond basic search ads. What new dynamics does this create within your organisation and how do retail media strategies evolve?
  • With the profitability of Amazon Ads coming under scrutiny, how are measures of retail media success evolving beyond traditional online marketing metrics and what data is needed to do this?
  • As more retailers launch their own media network, what does life beyond Amazon Ads look like? How do you plan budgets and strategy across multiple channels?