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Expand your digital student base and stay on top of market trends.

Marketers in the education industry now compete with institutions all over the world. What was once a mostly regional competitive landscape has been transformed by the digital connection which has made the world much smaller than before and education marketers must find ways to engage their digital-native prospects across devices and channels. This highly fragmented audience can be elusive, but the silver lining is that they are online—all of the time.

Skai Drives $7B in Advertising Spend Across the Most Critical Media

Solving Challenges for Education Marketers

Stay Competitive in Market
  • Grow keywords based on how students search
  • Create optimal campaign structures
  • Amplify word of mouth from advocates
  • Respond to marketplace trends
Generate Qualified Leads
  • Integrate with backend systems
  • Reprocess data based on enrollment
  • Optimize best performing placements
Track & Improve all Touchpoints
  • Measure impact on driving phone calls
  • Analyze paid, earned & owned social media
  • Re-engage prospective and current students

“KPO allows us to maintain efficient performance for our top campaigns and spend more time ideating new audiences and testing strategies.”

Joanna Pride, Social Media Planner

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