Are you taking the right steps to get your digital marketing in shape?

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We invite you to take our 14 question digital marketing health check to see where you fall on the scale from inactive to reactive to active to proactive on The Skai Marketing Transformation Model scale.

In an ever-evolving landscape, marketers must remain agile, constantly adapting to change and accounting for fluctuating market trends, technologies, and opportunities. Those who rest on their laurels will get left behind.

Digital marketing is dynamic. It requires constant calibration and infinite optimisation. To thrive in this environment, marketers must be proactive. Skai has developed a self-assessment tool to help marketers understand where their organisations fall on the “Marketing Transformation” scale.

The Marketing Transformation Model acts as a benchmark for assessing your approach to digital marketing and serves as a guide to determine what is required to transform your organisation through proactive marketing. Complete the survey to find out where you fall on the Marketing Transformation scale.

After completion please contact Liam Walsh, Skai VP ANZ, on 02 8973 7440 to discuss how we can help you achieve peak performance for your digital marketing campaigns and make accurate future predictions to consistently reach your goals.

Skai Digital Marketing Health Check Survey

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