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ClickThrough Marketing is a UK based digital agency helping leading brands drive performance across search, social and most recently Amazon Advertising One of its Amazon Advertising clients, Craghoppers, is a 50-year old British outdoor clothing manufacturer and supplier set up by outdoor enthusiasts who were planning an expedition to climb Mount Everest.

The Challenge: A Mountain to Climb

Craghoppers has been a Skai Paid Search client for some time, so when the Ecommerce solution was launched, they were quick to move their Amazon Advertising campaigns onto the solution too. The move was driven largely by the need for enhanced reporting and visibility into their Amazon campaigns, along with Amazon-specific expertise that they knew only Skai could provide.

The Results: Reaching The Summit

Working with ClickThrough Marketing, Craghoppers generated a 45% increase in revenue by:

  • Implementing best practice account structure – branded vs generic splits
  • Building granular keyword lists
  • Monitoring search queries regularly
  • Testing of keywords that work well on Adwords
  • Picking ASINs with the most/best reviews, good star ratings (4 or more)
  • Creating a good quality page score
  • Creating specific content for Amazon product pages

From being able to eliminate out-of-budget scenarios with budget pacing and having comprehensive reporting across search & Amazon in one place, to the ongoing support and advice from the Skai team, the value of Skai  has been significant for ClickThrough and Craghoppers.


  • Needed enhanced reporting and visibility into Amazon Advertising campaigns


  • Skai E-Commerce


  • 45% increase in revenue

“ClickThrough has successfully taken on management of our Amazon Advertising campaigns and in a short space of time driven a significant increase in sales. They have done this by coupling their expertise and knowledge of Amazon with the reporting and insights that can be generated in Skai.”

Alex Wall, Ecommerce Executive - Craghoppers