With our new Creative Sentiment tag, you can see, at-a-glance whether your social ads are receiving positive or negative feedback across social media in order to quickly pivot your strategy based on real-time insights.

  • Turn Social Listening Into Social Action to Improve Your Ad Effectiveness with Creative Sentiment Analysis

    It’s a constant challenge to stay on top of customer reactions to your creative—especially when you're advertising on a large scale. But one of the unique aspects of social advertising is that marketers can quickly learn how their audience feels about their advertising based on likes, comments, shares, etc.

    Are you tapping into this valuable feedback to learn and optimize your creative? If not, maybe you just need the right tool to help?

    Skai’s Creative Sentiment tag solves this challenge by scoring each ad for positive or negative sentiment. Using powerful AI, Skai Social analyzes reactions and comments of your ads so you can make more informed decisions, improve your creative strategy, and protect your brand.

    To learn more about this Skai Social feature, read the blog post Feature Focus: Creative Sentiment Gives Clear Insights Into Social Media Performance.

How Much Better Could Your Social Advertising Be if All of Your Ads Were More Impactful?

  • Understand Your Ads

    Gain better insight into how your audience is responding to your ads
  • Save Money

    Reduce budget waste by identifying which ads should be paused due to negative sentiment
  • Optimize

    Automatically optimize your campaigns based on how your audience feels about your advertising

Uplevel Your Ad Strategy with Creative Sentiment—Stay Informed

  • Stay Informed

    Receive automatic and proactive insights on how your audience feels about your advertising

  • Take Timely Action

    Automate actions based on reaction—boost positive ads and turn off negative ones.

  • Analyze Ads

    Use the analysis grid to get detailed analysis and trend data on the creative sentiment of your ads.

  • Adjust Your Creative Strategy

    Create better ads based on creative sentiment or leverage Creative Manager for real-time creative refreshes.

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