According to The CMO Council and SAS, 61% of marketers executives believe that Big Data represents equal parts opportunity and obstacle, as many are struggling to manage the complexity, flow, aggregation and analytics of the massive amounts of both structured and unstructured data flowing into the organization.

While Big Data may come across as simply a buzzword, the term represents an entirely new approach to analytics and is here to stay. Understanding the fundamentals of Big Data and how it can be activated to impact business decisions is essential for marketers to succeed in this data-driven era.

This Skai Guide delves deep into why Big Data is not just a buzzword, but is changing the face of marketing, and arms readers with the rules, key trends, and marketing applications for Big Data.

Download your copy of the Skai Guide to Big Data to uncover the true meaning behind Big Data and the real-life applications and implications it has on marketers today.