The right question is not “how much can I gain by paying for a Search tool?” but rather “how much do I lose by only using a free one?

Today’s search marketers can choose between running their programs with the free, native tools provided by the search engines or third-party, integrated platforms with additional features that are fee-based.

For search marketers, the choice between paying for a tool or not paying for a tool has traditionally been: “does a paid tool’s gains outweigh its cost?” Based on a recent Digiday survey of search marketers, paid tools clearly outperform free tools even today in almost every feature capability that matters.

Search marketers ranked third-party tools higher than native tools in 12 out of 13 capabilities.

If the free tools deliver less performance, productivity, and data insights than paid tools, then the question really should be: “how much do we lose by using free tools instead of paid ones?” In this paper, we explore this topic and how search marketers might best consider the cost-to-value equation when it comes to which tools they choose.

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