Amazon Marketing Cloud Playbook

AMC provides a greater understanding of your customer behavior do that you can make more informed budget decisions.

While retail media advertisers use an average of 8+ data sets to guide strategy and budget decisions, Amazon Ads is making strides in its data offerings. In 2022, Amazon Ads released some of its biggest product developments in data usage. Brands now have the capacity to make their data more actionable and reach customers like never before. If you’re not taking full advantage of the updates to the API or the rollout of Amazon Marketing Cloud and Amazon Marketing Stream, you’re missing a big opportunity to connect with your customers and drive sales on one of the world’s biggest retailers.

Amazon Marketing Cloud Playbook
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One key measurement challenge AMC unlocks is multi-touch attribution. Amazon Ad’s standard attribution model is last-click, but with AMC you can understand how touchpoints work together along the path to purchase allowing for more customer-centric planning. Whether you are identifying the right media mix for new-to-brand customers, the DSP campaigns that are impacting sales, the campaigns that are driving incremental sales – AMC is the measurement tool for you.If you’re not taking advantage of all that AMC can offer your brand, it’s time to get started.

This playbook focuses on key strategies on leveraging AMC to answer your business’s measurement and uncover new performance opportunities. Let’s get into it.

With this playbook:

  • Use unique capabilities like segmentation to surface the insights that pertain to your specific business questions
  • Gain recommendations on how to use each AMC query and how to read each chart
  • Learn from key use cases as thought starters so you can ideate on the best ways to leverage AMC data
  • Discover advanced strategies based on hypothetical scenarios that combines Skai’s AMC Reporting with other Skai features and capabilities
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