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San Francisco, CA (June 4, 2009) – Skai Ltd. announced today hybrid bid management capabilities for KENSHOO™ Search, the enterprise search engine marketing management platform. This new game-changing functionality gives Skai clients the most robust bid optimization technology available today, to gain leverage over their competition through the maximization of their search marketing activities by giving full control over automation, improving ROI and optimizing profitability.

Skai’s unique approach to bid management goes beyond simple bid rules or basic algorithms. Skai’s Research team designed an exclusive hybrid optimization system utilizing the best of proprietary portfolio algorithms and rule-based techniques to deliver a system that reacts faster to market changes, and delivers higher bidding accuracy. The system supports a mix of parameters used to determine keyword bid prices including position, revenues, profits, and traffic targets. The latest version of the bid management system expands Skai’s innovative Quality Management approach to not only optimize a keyword’s bid, but also its quality score.

Select Beta clients from various verticals are already generating significant results, including a 70% increase in revenues, 40% increase in ROI, and a profit increase of more than 85%.

Within the new hybrid bid management system, advanced forecasting capabilities are now available for search marketers and decision makers to predict profits, revenues and traffic over a range of possible budgets. This new visibility allows marketers to understand different scenarios, visualize sensitivities and improve decision making.

“Years of combined experience in advanced statistical theory have gone into crafting our new optimization system and we could not be more pleased with the results from our 6 months of testing. We are at the forefront of solving a highly complex time-series optimization problem and are excited to be delivering competitive advantage to our customers” – Nir Cohen, Skai Chief Technology Officer.

Skai insists on developing and supporting all technology and development in-house, ensuring clients that Skai Search will continually improve and help them stay ahead of the game.

“Our new Next Generation Portfolio Bid Optimizer will change how search engine marketing is done. We’ve taken a whole new approach to these models and working closely between our key clients and our development team, we’ve created a solution for true optimization and revenue maximization. “, says Yoav Izhar-Prato, Skai CEO. “Already our beta clients are experiencing a whole new world of campaign optimization, and as we roll this out to more and more clients, we are committed to constantly improving our solution and being ahead of the competition.”

KENSHOO Search, based on Skai’s Quality Management methodology, enables automated, precise and integrated campaign management and optimization to boost online marketers’ performance and productivity. KENSHOO Search is used by some of the world’s leading agencies and marketers such as Omnicom, Zappos, CafePress, Hitwise,, iREP, LinkShare, and

About Skai
Skai ( is the provider of KENSHOO™ Search, the only 3rd generation end-to-end search marketing platform. Built utilizing the Quality Management™ approach, KENSHOO Search enables marketers to optimize every aspect of their campaigns to achieve maximum ROI. Skai’s automation and optimization technology is being used today by ad agencies and advertisers on five continents and in dozens of languages. Skai is backed by venture capital firms Sequoia Capital and Arts Alliance.