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The extended Skai data lake complements your marketing, customer and sales data with proprietary Skai data as well as external insights that widen your vantage point and add context to your decisions. Augmented analytics from sales, product, brand and consumer signals are available to add as modules to your Skai setup for increased intelligence in your marketing and broader success for your business.

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Brand Analytics is a feature in Amazon’s Seller Central that contains valuable insights about product portfolios and marketing/advertising activities.

Amazon DSP is a demand-side platform that enables advertisers to programmatically buy display, video and audio ads both on and off Amazon.

Combining consumer discussion with market and innovation signals from Brandwatch provides a connected view of the ecosystem.


DataWeave provides Competitive Intelligence as a service to eCommerce businesses and consumer brands via massive scale aggregation and data analysis. Their AI-powered platform enables retailers to make smarter pricing and merchandising decisions to drive profitable growth, as well as brands to protect their online presence, enhance availability and optimize discoverability.


Connecting IRI sales data with additional market indicators achieves highly accurate and granular insights.


Enriching LexisNexis data with our connected data platform unlocks a wider range of data sets in one powerful platform.

Augmenting the voice of the consumer with other data sets achieves accurate insights that go beyond social listening.


Nielsen’s point-of-sale data is augmented with our connected data ecosystem for holistic market intelligence.


Profitero is an ecommerce analytics platform enabling brands to measure their digital shelf performance and gain actionable insights across 8,000+ retailer sites.


Sisense leverages the Skai data mart to bring connected data sets into its BI platform for better analytic outcomes.


With Snowflake, clients can natively integrate our connected data into their own data environment to create analytic models.

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