Incrementality: A Cookieless Measurement Solution

Marketing’s data-less future is almost here.

Upcoming limitations to consumer data tracking and third-party cookies will severely limit the way that marketers will be able to target ads to users, personalize those ads, measure effectiveness, and optimize program performance. It will also restrict a slew of other tactics that this industry has taken for granted in the past.

This isn’t a maybe this will happen prediction. It’s happening.

The most impacted area of marketing from these changes will be measurement. A new “cookieless” solution is needed. Read this complimentary report to learn what your next move should be.

A cookieless measurement solution is needed for marketing’s “data-less” future. 

The most popular measurement approach that marketers are investigating, incrementality, relies on a test-and-learn framework. Like the science experiments that we all learned in middle school, marketers use Test and Control groups to expose marketing campaign elements (channel, message, ad, etc.) to one group and not the other. By comparing the results, they can better understand the incremental value that the campaign element has on performance. 

Incrementality doesn’t attempt to explain everything going on with your programs; it just gives a clear result of whatever you have decided to test.

Learn more in this report. 

In this report:

Read this complimentary report today to learn more about incrementality to see if it is a viable solution for your marketing organization. In this report, learn:

  • The ways cookieless incrementality differs from legacy approaches like MTA
  • How incrementality is able to answer marketing’s biggest measurement questions that MTA could never answer
  • Examples of incrementality tests to better understand this approach
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