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We have a lot of exciting updates to the Skai platform. Check out this quick overview. 

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Skai omnichannel marketing platform dashboard

Executive HQ

Designed specifically for heads of media, this brand new experience delivers the data an executive needs to make better decisions in planning, budget allocation, and more. The first feature in our all-new Executive Solutions suite, Executive HQ delivers both high-level visibility and actionable insights on performance and spend.

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Skai omnichannel marketing platform log-in

Even more publishers

We’re always expanding our support to the publishers you’re focused on. Our newest additions to the platform include Snap, LinkedIn, TikTok, and more. Get the same powerful activation, optimization, and measurement tools Skai offers, now on even more publishers.

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AI-powered insights from the Skai platform

AI-powered insights

Skai is harnessing the power of generative AI to boost our omnichannel features. Tools like Creative Center, Search Term Analysis, and Intent Driven Messaging analyze your programs and make recommendations for improvement. It’s like having an always-on assistant, without the extra headcount.

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New data partnerships for the Skai Platform

New data partnerships

We’ve teamed up with partners like Analytic Index, Amazon Marketing Cloud, and Profitero to make sure our clients have the best data and insights at their fingertips. Make decisions that move the needle and grow your business, without having to sign another contract.

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