• Analysis Grids

    Slice-and-dice cross-channel advertising performance data, then surface insights & issues with ease

  • Custom Metrics

    Track advertising performance towards custom formulated True North KPIs, including ROAS

  • Dimensions & Categories

    Power advanced analysis by applying custom labels to campaigns, ad groups & creatives

  • Custom Reports

    Custom configure reports with seamless access to hundreds of dimensions & metrics, including Retweets, Engagements & Likes

  • Automated Actions

    Monitor performance with ease by configuring custom alerting criteria & frequency

Advertising on Twitter
Connect with the people at the center of what's happening

  • Promote your Twitter account

    Grow your following and create a loyal community on Twitter
  • Promote your Twitter videos

    Drive higher brand recall and awareness with show-stopping visual content
  • Promote your Tweets

    Broadcast your message to the largest audience possible