Maximize ROI with Actionable Digital Shelf Insights

Amazon is more volatile than ever. Between inventory outages and wildly fluctuating prices, your products can experience dramatic changes in traffic and conversion rates on a daily basis. If your advertising solution isn’t smart enough to sense these real-time shifts across your portfolio, then you could be investing your ad dollars in the wrong places. In fact, 60% of advertised products have below average conversion rates (Profitero) leading to a lot of ad-attributed lost sales.

Drawing on the Right Product Insights Can Drive Smarter Ad Spending

  • If a product is out of stock or if you're not winning the buy box, why continue to promote it?
  • If a product is already receiving organic traffic, why not adjust investment and placement bids?
  • If you have a product total conversion performance is high why not maximize to share of voice?

Better Data + Leading Technology

By combining these two solutions, you can better target your advertising investment, maximizing product sales and advertising effectiveness.

  • Profitero is the leading solution at providing daily traffic, conversion, and digital shelf performance intelligence for your product portfolio on Amazon.

  • Skai is the leading marketing technology solution for automating and optimizing your ecommerce advertising campaigns at scale.


    Profitero recommends adjustments to the products you are sponsoring on Amazon based on changes to their page traffic (glance views) and conversion rates, as well as changes in digital shelf metrics like organic share of page 1 and out of stock rates. Profitero is the only technology to offer a complete view of product performance on Amazon that is updated daily and available in 9 markets.

    Skai’s enterprise-level platform activates on these strategic recommendations to drive efficiency and effectiveness of advertising at scale. With Skai’s powerful automation technology you can customize campaign optimization rules based on retail intelligent data and leverage machine learning for an always on bid and budget management approach.

    By measuring advertising performance alongside your total product performance, the impact of your advertising investment becomes clear. Combining Profitero + Skai provides unique actionability of these measurements, making strategic planning and tactical optimization of your Amazon performance more efficient and effective than any other solution on the market.
"In a space as saturated as ours, successful marketing boils down to making sure the data we base decisions on is full-picture and contextually relevant. As current users of both Profitero and Skai, we recognized that bringing these two partners’ data views together will provide holistic intelligence about our products and that can be a competitive advantage for Mayborn."

Louise Harris, Head of Digital Marketing, Mayborn

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