Amazon Marketing Cloud with Skai: Indentify paths to conversion and incremental ad value

What is Skai’s Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) Reporting?

Skai’s AMC Reporting allows marketers to uncover Amazon measurement insights by automatically parsing Amazon’s raw data into easy-to-read visualizations. Whether an agency with many Amazon Ad clients, a brand with a portfolio of sub-brands, an aggregator with multiple accounts, an advanced Amazon Ads advertiser with refined strategy, create limitless reports that come standardized yet are customizable according to what is most important for you to view. Uncover insights beyond last-click attribution from incrementality to your customer journey to the optimal media mix per your goal with AMC via Skai.

What are the main use cases?

While there are a plethora of ways to leverage AMC insights, below are the top three most popular use cases for AMC via Skai.

  1. Incrementality: AMC offers insights beyond Amazon’s last-click attribution. With Skai’s visualizations, you can easily identify which ad types heavily influence a purchase, even if not the last-touch before a purchase, so that you can refine your strategy.
  2. Media mix: Identify the ideal media mix by understanding which ad types, from OTT to DSP and Sponsored Ads, work best together according to campaign goal type.
  3. Customer journey: Gain a more granular and accurate understanding of your customers’ paths-to-purchase such as common behavior, most common paths, least common paths, and more so that you can optimize budgets accordingly.

What are the benefits?

Easy-to-read data: Skai automatically parses your AMC raw data into charts and tables so you can gain insight and take action faster.
Tailored filtering: Layer your AMC data with campaign attributes to slice and dice the data to gain even more granular insights specific to campaigns.
Limitless custom reports: Scale your AMC reports with unlimited reports per brand, sub-brand, time-window, and more.
Custom query support: Simply copy and paste any instructional query that you’d like to run or talk with our Dev team to build a new custom query.

“I can’t begin to describe how fascinating these AMC insights are. While one sub-brand is just 5% of our sales, we’ve uncovered the immense brand introduction it’s causing to the rest of our brands.”

Sr. Manager, Customer Acquisition & Retention
Leading Wellness Brand