Strategic Consulting Tailored
to Address Your Unique
Business Needs

Your business is full of nuance. In an increasingly complicated and fragmented digital landscape, which opportunities are most relevant to you? Sometimes your best bets and smartest decisions can only be identified with bespoke discovery, research and analysis based on a mountain of data and wealth of industry expertise.

Get deeper, faster and drive immediate value while enabling
action plans and strategic decisioning from the bottom-up

Traditional strategy consultation can be slow, expensive and disconnected from your day-to day, resulting in high-
investment, low-yield outcomes. We take a different approach.


We’ll start with a 100% customizable discovery session to learn about your goals, challenges and the specifics of your organization. This can be in-person or remote and include a group of your choosing.


Through a combination of industry expertise and rich data intelligence, we’ll help you answer pressing questions and find a framework for making crucial business decisions ongoing.


In today’s world of data deluge, insights are only meaningful when they can be connected to activation and measurement. Our engagement will include a full, detailed action plan and strategies for implementation and, with Skai, accountability.

Why Skai?
Customize solutions & Data intelligence based on

in media spend on the platform

Brands and agencies managed

Ecosystem integrations and partnerships

Insights Prepared For


“Partnering with Skai to help design an elegant technology solution to an obstacle our teams have experienced, has further opened the door to more efficiently manage Amazon Marketing Services buys…and with Skai’s search and social data as a gauge, potential visibility with this new solution is undeniable.”

Clint Armstrong, Sr. Partner, Group Director, Search & Social at Mindshare

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