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Skai™ uses patented NLP and advanced analytics to surface powerful trends and predictive insights — enabling ingredients brands and manufacturers to put the current and future needs of consumers at the heart of every decision they make.

The world's leading ingredients brands & manufacturers use Skai to:

Understand the Latest Trends

Pitch Brands Innovative Ideas

Mitigate Risk

Grow Revenue Faster

Grow Market Share

"Using Skai’s market intelligence platform, the team is able to link specific attributes (i.e. ingredients) back to consumer benefits in order to understand how and why consumers are interested in them"

Jessica Yankell, Sr. Manager, Innovation & Portfolio Transformation Insights at PepsiCo.

Predictive insights that drive impact across your go-to-market

Surface white space opportunities by identifying met and unmet consumer needs.

Optimize marketing effectiveness by surfacing the most effective messages & channels for promotion.

Guide product development by ranking & scoring emerging trends based on their future sales value.

Activate brand equity claims with a thorough understanding of how your brand / product is perceived.

Identify your next acquisition by establishing the next big trend and the emerging brands catering to it.

Stay ahead of the competition by monitoring competitive strategies, movements and disruption threats.

How we do it

Access insights in a way that meets your needs

Off-The-Shelf Playbooks: Ready-to-access apps with easy to understand market & category insights.

Data Integrations: Transport the insights into your own data environment via API or Data Mart

Contextualize the Data

You can see what external data is showing you, but how often do you really understand the why behind it? This level of insight requires more context than you can usually get your hands on when you aren’t the one collecting the data in the first place.

We collect right down to the attribute level (i.e. by feature, benefit, ingredient, nutrient, flavor, taste, texture, etc) for insights and predictions pertinent to your specific market or category.

Custom Solutions & Services

Don’t see a data source? Want to add a new geography? Looking for additional predictive models? No problem! Our catalog of value-add solutions and services helps you to customize the off-the-shelf solution for insights that meet your specific business needs.

Collect the Data

Say goodbye to data silos and the manual effort associated with connecting data from across multiple sources.

We do the hard work by aggregating thousands of unstructured, external datasets from the consumer, commerce and innovation landscape into one single platform view.

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Best AI-Based Analytics Platform

Named a 2016 Cool Vendor in Analytics.

CEO's Best Innovation Partner Award


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