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Whether you want to ingest new, external data sources into your own BI environment or simply get quick answers from ready-to-use dashboards, Skai’s powerful insights can be accessed—and customized—in a way that meets your individual team or business needs.

Connect MI to your own data environment

API Connection

The Skai API gives you access to continually refreshed, connected external datasets. Fuse our advanced analytics with all of your existing processes and workflows to enrich existing data with new levels of granularity and insights.

Data Mart

Access the raw, connected datasets for our most popular use cases via Snowflake or Amazon Web Services (AWS) in order to create your own models and data visualizations in the environment you prefer.

Explore MI with ready-to-go insights

Market Overview Dashboards

The market overviews provide a holistic view of your ecosystem to surface cross-category dynamics and influences for early intelligence on the movement of trends.

  • Surface and evaluate trends across indicators of innovation, consumer demand and market landscape to identify growth opportunities
  • Explore the origin and evolution of a specific trend and trend associations to guide decision-making
  • See how categories influence and impact each other to gain early intelligence on the movement of trends
Category Deep-Dive Dashboards

Dive deep into more than 40 categories across the FMCG landscape with dashboards designed to answer strategic and tactical questions down to the granular, attribute level.

  • Surface white space opportunity by comparing levels of consumer discussion against products in-market to identify under-addressed needs
  • Evaluate and prioritize trends by assessing the volume and velocity of trends and attributes across multiple indicators for a multi-dimensional analysis
  • Uncover competitive strategies by monitoring key competitors and detecting emerging brands to reveal competitive strategies and potential threats

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Get even more value from Skai’s market intelligence solutions with unique customizations and services

Custom Data Solutions

Missing a data source? Want to create a new taxonomy value? No problem! Skai can be customized to support your unique data requirements. 

  • Add a new ecommerce channel
  • Add Nielsen point-of-sale data
  • Add a new geography
  • Merge taxonomy values or add a new one
  • and much more!

Custom Dashboards

If the pre-built dashboards don’t show exactly what you’re looking for, you can customize an existing report or create a new one altogether.

Insight Services

Strapped for time? Our team of consultants specializes in advanced data analysis, surfacing insights and understanding their relevancy to the market to drive real business impact. Available reports include:

  • Trend Analysis
  • Product Ideation
  • Competitive Assessment

Predictive Services

Surface the next big trend before your competitors with the help of our advanced data scientists. Available prediction reports include:

  • Sales Growth Predictor
  • Growth Drivers Predictor
  • Prediction Monitoring


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