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Search Term Analysis is a paid search marketer’s most valuable tool

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What is Search Term Analysis?

Search Term Analysis is an exclusive, proprietary Skai feature that uses machine learning and AI to analyze your paid search program at the keyword level. Get keyword-level insights like never before and stop wasting money on low performing keywords 

Why you need it now more than ever:

As search publishers move increasingly toward using automation and algorithms to determine where and for which search terms your brand shows up, you lose control of your program and customer experience.

Save time

Save money

Stop wasting money on 
low-performing keywords. Get the insights you need to take action.

Invaluable insights

Put your customers at the center of your search program. Surface insights that improve performance, relevancy, and the customer experience.

Skai surfaces keyword-level insights like never before

Recommendations are surfaced right in the dashboard. Making it easy to review and take action. Simply click on widget to dive in.

Dive in and analyze your keywords seamlessly. Review all activity at the keyword-level.

Easily identify and decide which negative keywords are to be placed based on the data and insights surfaced.