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Skai Search new feature provides seamless site tracking for unmatched accountability

San Francisco, CA (March 19, 2009) – Skai Ltd. is excited to announce the release of a new feature for KENSHOO™ Search, the end-to-end Search Engine Marketing Platform. Seamless Site Tracking allows for unmatched expanded tracking, reporting and path-to-conversion details to be collected without the need of adding a tracking pixel to the website. This revolutionary capability has never existed before in search engine marketing, and it changes the rules of the game.

“We learned from our years of experience with advertisers and affiliates that it can be a pain point to implement a tracking pixel in their site and that pixel based tracking systems are not 100 percent accurate. Seamless Site Tracking, beyond being more accurate than any pixel base tracking, enables users to enjoy all of the information provided by KENSHOO Search tracking and reporting without the need to place the KENSHOO Search tracking pixel or any other pixel on the advertiser’s web site. This is highly beneficial for our affiliate advertisers who work across different affiliate networks. It allows them to see all their tracking information easily and conveniently,” says Alon Sheafer, VP Product and Co-Founder of Skai.

This new ability enhances the flexibility and customizable aspects of KENSHOO Search. Being able to specify what type of tracking and how to track gives advertisers and affiliates greater control over their SEM activities than ever before. Detailed tracking and reporting allows them to optimize their campaigns and therefore improve ROI.

A new client of Skai’s enjoying this functionality is Los Angeles based Wpromote. Wpromote is a premier SEM agency with unmatched experience in search marketing and an unrivaled dedication to their clients’ results.

“Before we started to work with KENSHOO Search it was difficult to get accurate conversion tracking data. The KENSHOO Search Seamless Site Tracking technology enables us to collect rich tracking data related to our clients’ conversions based on their website’s database conversion report and accurately analyze the traffic we drive to their websites. As an agency, having this information enables us to build more sophisticated campaigns, better structures and more successful SEM programs for our clients” Says Mike Mothner, CEO Wpromote.

About Skai
Skai ( is the provider of KENSHOO™ Search, the only 3rd generation end-to-end search marketing platform. Built utilizing the Quality Management™ approach, KENSHOO Search enables marketers to optimize every aspect of their campaigns to achieve maximum ROI. Skai’s automation and optimization technology is being used today by ad agencies and advertisers on five continents and in dozens of languages. Skai is backed by venture capital firms Sequoia Capital and Arts Alliance.