The Future of Digital Marketing: Q1 2021 Predictions

The changing of the calendar represents a new beginning—a new year, a fresh start. With the year that 2020 has been, it’s safe to assume that most people are hoping that 2021 will be fundamentally different than this year.

The Future of Digital Marketing: Q1 2021 Predictions

Leadership changes, a potential ending to the pandemic, and a general return to normalcy would help to put the world back on track. Of course, the world has changed a lot in such a short time. The way consumers shop and buy looks a bit differently than it once did and marketers have had to realign to this new reality. Download the Future of Digital: Q1 2021 edition to read our latest digital marketing predictions.

In this report:

Skai’s Senior Director of Media Research, Chris Costello, has analyzed the advertising metrics and trends from Q3 and Q4 2020 to make some predictions about how Q1 2021 could look. Some of the big questions he tackles include:

• Will the increases in spending in the second half of 2020 continue into 2021?
• How important will automation be for digital campaign management?
• Will retailers and brands continue to invest in e-commerce post-pandemic?

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