Supplement Brands are Missing Out on AI-Powered Consumer Insights

Advanced Analytics Enable Agile Decision-Making in a Rapidly Evolving Market

With immune health especially on everyone’s mind, demand for vitamins, minerals and supplements has increased over the last 12 months. However, this sudden change in consumer behavior has left many VMS brands grappling with how they can better understand and meet consumers’ needs today—as well as what they can do to anticipate future trends in order to capitalize on the growth opportunity.

Supplement Brands are Missing Out on AI-Powered Consumer Insights
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With more and more people taking their health into their own hands, how will Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements brands best navigate this lucrative market?

Many in the VMS industry still believe that the only way to really understand their consumers is by talking to them—be that through focus groups or surveys. But by doing this they are missing out on so many insights that could support faster and better decision making across their business from what products to innovate, distribution channels to prioritize and marketing messages to surface. While this approach has worked in the past, in this post- pandemic market, VMS companies now need a new way forward with data and insights helping them to recognize emerging consumer trends early so that they can take advantage of them, rather than fall victim to rivals beating them to the punch.

Data-driven decision making is no longer a “best-practice”. It’s survival.

In this report, learn:

  • The growing need for a data foundation with more than just data
  • About Skai’s Market Intelligence platform
  • Key trends that are surfacing in the VMS space
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