Social audience targeting in the privacy era

It’s been nearly a year since Apple’s AppTrackingTransparency shift. We have heard of numerous ways marketers have adapted to social advertising targeting in the new Era of Privacy. What has been the impact of this shift? How are social marketers evolving their audience targeting in light of this change? What are some of the new best practices, and how can technology help? Read this complimentary report for more information.

Social audience targeting in the privacy era

The loss of the precious iOS signal was a heavy blow for marketers who relied on this data for many uses. Virtually overnight, social marketers lost much of their ability to target, personalize, measure, and optimize their campaign activity with deep granularity on Apple mobile devices.

Based on an aggregated analysis of Skai clients’ social advertising campaign data—with an annualized spend of more than $1 billion—we can see some of the ways that social marketers are adapting to the new constraints.

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How impactful has the iOS change to consumer tracking been for social advertisers?

“The Era of Privacy is here, and all digital marketers will need to adapt to changes in consumer data tracking,” says Alyssa Allen, Managing Director at Skai. “The most impactful of these shifts so far has been last year’s Apple’s AppTrackingTransparency. It has forever changed how social practitioners can target and measure their programs as it relates to audiences.”

Read more about this monumental shift in social audience capabilities and where we stand now. In this report, you will learn:

  • How recent privacy policies have impacted social audience targeting
  • What social advertisers are doing to adapt to the new Era of Privacy
  • Why marketers are turning to technology to enable advanced targeting methods to offset these challenges
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