Skai Retail Media Roundtable Compilation – 2022 Volume 1

Retail media has quickly become the third most popular digital advertising channel in the U.S. and is expected to garner over $50 billion in marketing budgets by the end of next year.

In our monthly Retail Media Roundtable series on the Skai blog, we ask a rotating panel of expert practitioners what they think on a singular topic. The answers vary as marketers explain how they tackle various challenges.

This report is our first quarterly compilation of this series and includes our inaugural post from March.

Read this complimentary report to learn how retail media pros are thinking through solutions to this young channel’s most pressing issues.

Skai Retail Media Roundtable Compilation – 2022 Volume 1

How are you handling retail media’s toughest challenges?

Best practices are being written—and rewritten—as this relatively young ad channel continues to evolve. To better understand how marketers are approaching retail media, Skai conducts continuous research to help guide our technology roadmap so that we can build the very best platform for our clients. 

Our Retail Media Roundtable experts explain their approach to these pressing questions:

  • How do you allocate budgets across retailers?
  • Why is measurement still a challenge?
  • Which team should manage Amazon DSP?
  • What is the value of Amazon Marketing Cloud?

Read what they said in this report.

How do you allocate budget across retailers?


“From an investment perspective, keeping a portion of your budget to test and learn is definitely an advisable strategy, especially with the competitiveness we’re seeing in Amazon. Typically, I see a range of what is best for a ‘learning budget,’ and it varies from client to client, but pushing for growth and learning in your retail media investment is what can set you apart in your category.”

– ​​Jillian Nielsen, Client Success Director, Commerce @ Skai

Read this complimentary report today to learn some insider tips and tricks to retail media’s toughest challenges:

  • Allocating budgets across so many retailers
  • How to think holistically about measurement in the new commerce funnel
  • The best team suited to manage Amazon DSP programs
  • The value of Amazon Marketing Cloud
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