How CPG brands’ data & analytics leaders empower insight-driven decision-making

The biggest consumer brands are at the forefront of making data-driven insights accessible to all, but the work is far from over. Learn more about the challenges they face and how they are starting to overcome them in our roundtable reflections report.

Roundtable Reflections
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Our most recent sessions focused on topics related to these two startling facts:

  1. Despite soaring investments in big data and AI solutions, <br>BCG found that only 29% of companies experience<br>transformational outcomes.</br></br>
  2. Only 7% of organizations are making insight-driven decisions,<br> according to Forrester.</br>

Questions We Tackled

  1. Where are you on your journey to becoming an insight-driven organization? How will you know when you’ve arrived? </br></br>
  2. What are the biggest impediments stopping you from achieving organization wide, insight-driven decision-making? </br></br>
  3. How do you get a change-averse organization to adopt new technological solutions?
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