Download the Skai Q2 2019 Quarterly Trends Report

Insights into Search, Social, and Ecommerce advertising budgets and performance

Q2 is a valuable time for gathering insights into industry trends and understanding how advertiser KPIs and budgets are shaping up for the year. With end-of-the-year holiday seas on planning in full swing in July and August, marketers can check to see if there are any last-minute insights they can use to guide their final Q4 plans.

This edition of the Skai Quarterly Trends Report represents the analysis of over $7 billion in annualized marketer spend and continues to be one of the most well-respected datasets by those who follow advertising performance closely. With over 500 billion impressions and 14 billion clicks analyzed, there are many great insights about what’s happening in the digital advertising industry on a macro level.

In this report, you will learn quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year trends including:

  • Ad spending velocity of the largest publishers in the world
  • Key performance indicators across Search, Social, and Ecommerce advertising
  • Insight into marketers may interpret these market dynamics and how they may shift their plans to take advantage of new opportunities

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