Q4 2020 Quarterly Trends Report

As Q4 2020 enters the rearview mirror, we can start to assess just how the period encompassing the holiday season changed in a year when so many things were different. Were holiday trends different, or just bigger? And how big, exactly? Were there channels or formats that were particularly successful? It’s time to sort through the numbers to unpack what really happened, by industry and media channel.

Q4 2020 Quarterly Digital Trends Report

Skai’s Quarterly Trends Report: Digital Advertising Snapshot

Q3 2020 saw many digital marketers reinvesting in key online channels after reassessing life after the onset of the global pandemic. Strategically, this looked to put advertising programs and budgets in a position to take advantage of a Q4 where online activity would be spurred beyond normal seasonality due to increasing online behavior.

Although Q4 2020 was still heavily impacted by the global pandemic and the economic reverberations that came with it, there are some solid signs of recovery across various industry sectors as we head into the always-important holiday shopping season.

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  • Key performance indicators for the fourth quarter of 2020 across Search, Social, and Ecommerce Advertising

  • The impact of the COVID-19 on overall digital advertising trends

  • A drill-down into industry trends such as election ad spend and the increased adoption of shoppable ads

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