Marketing measurement as we know it is over

Marketers still report in survey after survey that measurement is their number one issue.

One major flaw with multi-touch attribution (MTA) is that tracking ad exposures back to individual users is hard. Really hard. Nearly impossible. And, it’s getting even more challenging in the privacy era.

With even more limitations impacting individual user tracking on the horizon, the hard reality is that MTA will never be the final solution marketers hoped it would become.

What’s your plan for measurement when today’s methods stop working?

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Marketing measurement as we know it is over

And it’s not just about cookies!

Marketing’s data-less future is almost here. Legacy marketing measurement solutions like MTA may not be as viable in the privacy era.

Let this statistic sink in: 96% of U.S. iOS users opt out of app tracking, which impacts marketers’ ability to target, measure, and optimize effectively. Numbers vary from study to study, but even if it’s half of that, it should be clear how big an issue data deprecation is becoming, not just in mobile, but for all digital marketing channels.

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Is your marketing measurement approach ready for the new era of privacy?


“Measurement as we know it is over: Action is required to address the new measurement reality.” 

-Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) State of Data 2022 report

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