Get Primed for Prime Day 2020: Ten Tips from Skai

Take your Prime Day to the next level with expert tips and analysis from the Skai Ecommerce team. In this report, learn Amazon Advertising tips that you can use this Prime Day—and beyond!

Get Primed for Prime Day 2020: Ten Tips from Skai

Needless to say—for a variety of reasons—2020’s Prime Day is going to be the biggest one yet.

Consider the challenging market forces coming together for this year’s event:

  • The meteoric growth in ecommerce due to the pandemic

  • Prime Day now part of the end-of-the-year holiday shopping season

  • Mature Amazon marketers with multiple years of experience under their belt

  • Retail brands desperate to save 2020 with a big Q4

As a leading Amazon API integrator with 600+ campaigns alongside 14 years as an enterprise-level paid search and social advertising platform, Skai is uniquely positioned to help marketers understand this unique and complex marketplace.

Advertisers who approach Amazon like they would Google or Facebook will find limited success. It’s not just about driving traffic to Amazon product detail pages (PDPs). The entire enterprise must be involved to ensure that this sales channel runs smoothly. Even if a fraction of your brand’s sales is online, it must be absolutely understood that consumers now use Amazon to research product purchases—which means even offline sales will suffer if you don’t focus on how shoppers now shop.

In order to make Prime Day/Season 2020 successful, marketers should focus on three key areas:

  • A holistic approach to Amazon which follows the new rules of Amazon, aligns your entire organization to the opportunity, and prioritizes a focus on paid & organic search visibility to drive sales
  • A foundation of the right retail analytics with solid insights to drive data-driven marketing and measurement for performance optimization

  • A best-in-class management practice to make sure the strategy is executed flawlessly

Read the report for tips that follow this three-pronged attack.

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