Cross-Channel Digital Marketing Remastered

How to achieve full-funnel marketing with a cross-channel approach It has become more important than ever before for marketers to drive online product sales. Being successful means that marketers must build relationships with customers to aid them in their purchase decisions with the right information when they want it. They must engage them at key inflection points across channels to reinforce their value, carefully shape their buying criteria, and leverage every signal possible to better understand what messaging is needed at the right time. Find out how you can take your cross-channel digital marketing to the next level in this whitepaper.

Cross-Channel Digital Marketing Remastered

While over 82% of marketers in a recent study say that they have a customer-led approach in their planning, only 13% of brands feel they have reached that goal.

These three channels provide plenty of options for marketers to drive conversions, but conventional wisdom dictates that harnessing the full power of the marketing investment requires cross-channel synergy versus a siloed channel approach.

In this report, learn:

  • Why marketers need to focus on Search, Social, and Ecommerce advertising as the key to digital success
  • How the new rule of marketing is to stop thinking of your sales path and focus on each customer’s individual buying journey
  • The strengths and weaknesses of each channel and why aggregating them into a single funnel is the best approach
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