Adapting to changes in consumer data tracking

96% of U.S. iOS users opt out of app tracking, which impacts marketers’ ability to target, measure, and optimize effectively. Numbers vary from study to study, but even if it’s half of that, it should be clear how big an issue data deprecation is becoming, not just in mobile, but for all digital marketing channels.

Adapting to changes in consumer data tracking
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In this report:

Moti Radomski, general manager of planning and measurement at Skai, dives into the questions brands need to ask themselves to decide if they can adapt multi-touch attribution to work in the future:

  1. Is my marketing measurement affected by data deprecation?
  2. How much inconsistency can I live with and still make solid data-driven decisions?
  3. What is the true goal of marketing measurement?
  4. Will MTA still be viable in a data-limited world?