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Improved audience segmentation variables enable more customized, one-to-one communications

San Francisco (November 14, 2019)Kenshoo (, a global leader in marketing technology, today announces Kenshoo Audience Manager integrates with Oracle Data Cloud’s third-party audiences, enabling social marketers using Kenshoo to include these highly segmented groups into their own audience-centric efforts and improve the results of social advertising campaigns. The offering spans both Oracle’s standard and premium audiences, which include exclusive data segments not available elsewhere.

“Through Kenshoo, advertisers can use our third-party audiences to increase relevance for groups of individuals based on income, past purchases, credit information and many other factors,” said Jenn Bow, Vice President, Platform Partnerships, for Oracle Data Cloud. “Our premium audiences go even further to segment groups based on, for example, whether or not they’ve viewed a specific television ad, their job titles, or the industry in which they work. Kenshoo’s extended reach enables the world’s top advertisers to expand our audience network and harness the power of Oracle Data Cloud.”

Third-party audience data capabilities have been significantly reduced by publishers in recent months, yet it remains a major priority and growing expense for marketers. According to eMarketer, 23% of CMOs worldwide reported not having enough direct customer data, and more than 18% said they did not have enough third-party data (November 2018). Still, U.S. spending on third-party audience data increased 18% from 2017 to 2018 to nearly $12 billion (December 2018).

“Kenshoo Audience Manager provides marketers with the ability to serve the right customers with relevant and useful advertising across social media platforms,” said John Dobrowolski, GM, Social, for Kenshoo. “We empower advertisers to choose from the highest quality third-party data, implement it with integrity, and constantly improve customer engagement.”

Third-party data available in Kenshoo Audience Manager is collected in a manner that strictly protects personally identifiable information and can be used to drive business goals in combination with first- and second-party data sources. Using Oracle’s Third-Party Audiences, Kenshoo offers one of the most advanced audience-centric approaches to advertising currently available in social media. Oracle’s standard audience segments are based on variables including buyer profiles, consumer technology use, hobbies and interests, philanthropy, politics, proximity, seasonality, travel, and more. Premium audiences can be created based on business-to-business or CPG purchasing data, as well as data and information from top transaction data providers.

With Kenshoo, marketers can now layer these audiences, along with their own first-party audiences, to provide more relevant offers to more specific groups of individuals through social media.

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