10 %
Player Retention
3 %
iOS Campaign ROI
13 %
Android Campaign ROI

About Pixel Federation

Pixel Federation is a mobile gaming company based in Bratislava, Slovakia full of gaming enthusiasts who bring fun and entertainment to people all around the world through their mobile games. Their current portfolio of games consist of TrainStation, Emporea, Diggy’s Adventure and the newly released game, Seaport.

The Facebook Playables Beta: Challenges and Goals

Pixel Federation was looking to uncover new player opportunities for their mobile app-based game, Seaport. To do this, the team decided to participate in Facebook’s Playable ads beta. Playable ads allow potential users to play the game in the ad, prior to downloading the app. The hope is that by allowing users to play the game directly in the ad, those that download and install the game would have a better experience, and become long-term users helping to drive ROI over time.

Pixel Federation’s goals for Seaport with Playable ads:

  • Acquire more paying players with longer-term retention in Tier 1 countries
  • Optimize user experience
  • Increase return on investment

The team also wanted to run two campaigns – one for iOS and one for Android.  Each campaign had two ad sets in a split test, one ad set used video as a creative, and the other used lead-in video plus Playable ads.

Skai Apps: Scale and Efficiency

To help manage the complexities of their program and reach the right users, Pixel Federation decided to leverage Skai Apps for their iOS and Android Playable ad campaigns.

Skai Apps is a cutting-edge mobile app marketing solution that helps marketers manage mobile app install campaigns across the platforms that matter. With Skai Apps, they could gain crucial insights with advanced reporting capabilities, and reach and retain customers with a high lifetime value. Pixel Federation leveraged Skai Apps for the following:

  • Automated campaign creation
  • Scaling campaign management
  • Sophisticated reporting and cohort analyses
  • Advanced optimization using ROI-driven bidding strategies.

In addition to leveraging the sophisticated technology, the Pixel Federation team was also able to utilize the Skai Apps team’s mobile app marketing expertise, giving them access to new features, and helping them implement capabilities quickly when it made sense for the business.

Exclusive Access to a Facebook Beta, Yielding Outstanding Results!

With the help of Skai Apps, Pixel Federation had access to Facebook’s exclusive Playable ads beta, and as a result saw fantastic lift where they had hoped – ROI, and player retention. For the Android campaign, Pixel Federation saw a 13% increase in ROI, and a 3% increase in ROI for their iOS campaign. The team also saw up to 10% better retention in Tier 1 countries, which was an initial goal for their Seaport campaigns.

As a bonus, Skai Apps saved the team hundreds of work hours with automated campaign creation and management capabilities, and helped them rapidly scale their app program.  Pixel Federation actively uses Skai Apps for their marketing needs, seeing continued success for their mobile app campaign management, scale and optimization needs.


  • Acquire quality players in Tier 1 countries
  • Increase return on investment
  • Optimize user experience


  • Skai Apps
  • Automated campaign creation
  • Advanced Cohort Analysis
  • Added scale
  • Sophisticated reporting
  • ROI-driven bidding
  • Smart optimizations


  • 13% Increase ROI for Android campaigns
  • 3% Increase ROI for iOS campaigns
  • 10% Increase in player retention in Tier 1 countries