Pixel Federation and Skai Success

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Pixel Federation is a mobile gaming company based in Bratislava, Slovakia full of game enthusiasts who bring fun and entertainment to people all around the world. Their current portfolio of free games consist of TrainStation, Emporea, Diggy’s Adventure and newly mobile released Seaport.

Mobile App Marketing Challenge

Pixel Federation was looking to advertise their mobile game, Diggy’s Adventure exclusively on Facebook in order to acquire 300K players during their global launch with an ads budget of 150K EUR.

Unlocking the Right Audiences

The in-house social advertising team decided to leverage Skai Apps to reach their goal for the Diggy’s Adventure game. Starting with Skai Apps’s presets option for Facebook interest targeting, they looked at their existing customer base and identified customers most likely to download the game based on previous activity and in-app payments.

Next, they created lookalike audiences based on these customers to find new players in international markets, and Skai Apps helped target these groups with video ad units across Facebook’s entire family of apps and services.

Initially, Pixel Federation’s plan was to run their campaigns on Skai Apps within the 150K EUR budget, but quickly realized that they would miss crucial opportunities to acquire new players if they didn’t raise the budget to 1M EUR. Their CEO had to go to the bank to transfer funds from company’s reserve to advertising account to seize the opportunity!

Outstanding Results

Identifying the right audiences and adding incremental budget helped the UA team set a new revenue and spend record for their global launch.  After a successful global launch, Diggy’s Adventure made over 5 Million EUR in less than 3 months. Additionally, Daily active users (DAU) jumped by 2Xrevenue increased by 3X and a 60 day ROAS was also achieved.  Skai Apps’s sophisticated mobile app marketing methods were and continue to be a major contributor to Pixel Federation’s success for Diggy’s Adventure.


  • Quickly scale global launch for Diggy’s Adventure game
  • Acquire 300K players for Diggy’s Adventure


  • Skai Apps
  • Interest targeting
  • Lookalike audiences
  • Video ads across the Facebook family of apps


  • 2X increase in Daily Active Users (DAU)
  • 3X Increase in Revenue
  • 60 Day RoAS

Skai Apps’s sophisticated mobile app marketing methods were, and continue to be, a major contributor to Pixel Federation’s success for Diggy’s Adventure!

Matej Lančarič, Head of Mobile Marketing, Pixel Federation