Tel Aviv, Israel (February 9, 2009) – Skai Ltd. unveils an integrated cross channel negative keyword manager for KENSHOO™ Search. The new feature allows search marketers to quickly and easily use negative keywords to better optimize search campaigns, reach target customers, improve quality scores and boost ROI.

KENSHOO Search is a third generation end-to-end SEM platform that delivers automation through a unified and easy to use interface allowing you to manage all cross channel activity easily and efficiently. Negative keywords are handled differently in each search engine however KENSHOO Search automatically and seamlessly manages the differences.

Skai’s unique Quality Management™ approach to SEM is a holistic methodology that automates and optimizes all moving parts of search campaigns in order to gain high quality scores and build relevancy. Search Engines reward advertisers for relevancy, and targeted campaigns achieve lower costs than broad and poorly defined ones. Negative keywords block specific ads from appearing and are utilized to prevent unwanted irrelevant traffic.

The negative keyword tool in KENSHOO Search provides search marketers an easy way to create, add, and remove negative keywords at all levels and across all channels. In addition to increasing relevancy and enabling more accurate spend management, this tool significantly reduces the work and time needed to build and maintain complex negative keyword lists.

“Our commitment to Quality Management focuses our efforts on developing features which increase the overall value and effectiveness of search marketing. Users of the negative keyword tool are already seeing increased ROI – up to 60% – through cost reductions and improved targeting. By filtering out irrelevant traffic, their ads are being displayed more often on value-driving keywords that increase CTR and conversions.” Said Alon Sheafer – VP of Products and Marketing at Skai.
Average improvements as a result of the cross channel negative keyword manager:

  • CTR increase by 40-80%
  • ROI increase by 20-60%
  • Conversion Rate increase by 30-50%
  • Profit increase by 30-50%

CafePress, one of the initial users of the negative keyword tool, has already experienced success. “We manage massive amounts of keywords, so it was critical that our campaign managers have a way to easily manage negative keywords. This feature not only delivers value by increasing our campaign quality but it also saves us countless hours of work by not having to copy and paste keywords into every part of the system. “ – Jeremy Post, Sr. Manager, Acquisition Marketing at CafePress.