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Kenshoo and Signals Analytics have rebranded to create Skai—the engine for full-circle intelligence, deeper customer connections and insights-driven success, from concept to commerce.

Skai’s platform includes a suite of data-driven products for:

Market Intelligence:
Make smarter, predictive decisions at every turn with all the data you need and faster time-to-insight. Our rich data solutions provide AI-contextualized, actionable intelligence about consumer sentiment, market trends, competition and more.
Omnichannel Marketing Activation:
Customer interactions happen everywhere. Maximize every touchpoint with the the broadest reach, and gain the power to engage across all critical retailers, DTC channels, search engines, social media and more.
Testing & Measurement:
Discover the incremental impact of any marketing effort on sales lift and determine your optimal mix without cookies or other privacy-regulated identifiers. Our approach is unbiased, unlimited and based on real-time experiments and modeling—minus the data science learning curve.

Introducing Skai, powering the next era of go-to-market

Our Next Chapter

For the past few years, Kenshoo has been steadily expanding and evolving its solution set well beyond the campaign management and optimization applications for which it is so well known, adding data, insights and measurement offerings to meet the our customers’ new and evolving needs.

Accelerating that change, Kenshoo recently acquired data intelligence company Signals Analytics, propelling us firmly into the future vision of delivering not only media activation but full-circle go-to-market success for the consumer brands we serve. Simply put – we’ve outgrown our name, and felt it was time for an update that better communicates our vision and the expanse of our combined offerings. 

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Why Skai?

The Skai (pronounced ‘sky’) brand name pays homage to the company’s roots, merging the Signals Analytics and Kenshoo names with a reference to the combined vision focused on providing actionable intelligence to help clients navigate the next chapter where digital sophistication is key.

Our Products

Skai is the only full go-to-market engine that enables smarter decisions and better outcomes with actionable intelligence in making customer connections. Our platform includes a suite of data-driven products for market intelligence, omnichannel media activation, testing and measurement, enabling brands and agencies to make predictions, improve strategic planning and drive growth on the most important customer channels.

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Our Mission

We strive to empower businesses with data they can trust, insights they can use, and impact they can measure. We call this total market intelligence.

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