full-circle go-to-market
intelligence. activation. outcomes.

Infuse every phase of launching products
and reaching customers with insight and agility

Research & Innovation:
Make smarter, predictive decisions at every turn with all the data you need and faster time-to-insight. Our rich data solutions provide AI-contextualized, actionable intelligence about consumer sentiment, market trends, competition and more.
Marketing & Testing:
Customer interactions happen everywhere. Maximize every touchpoint with the the broadest reach, and gain the power to engage across all critical retailers, DTC channels, search engines, social media and more.
Measurement & Growth:
Discover the incremental impact of any marketing effort on sales lift and determine your optimal mix without cookies or other privacy-regulated identifiers. Our approach is unbiased, unlimited and based on real-time experiments and modeling—minus the data science learning curve.

Smarter, faster go-to-market—from concept to commerce

Consumer understanding and trend forecasting

You need to know:
Which trends present opportunities?
Who are the Key Opinion Leaders I need to tap?
Who are my highest expectation customers?
How do my customers feel about my brand and products?

Skai offers:

NorthStar™ executive dashboard visualization
Patented NLP and AI-derived sentiment analysis
Deep and broad market and category insights
API and custom data integrations and services

Product and brand positioning

You need to know:

Which of my products or services are my best bets for promotion?
Which product attributes should I highlight for each distribution channel?
How should my product be positioned against competitors?

Skai offers:

Product portfolio analytics
Retailer and channel-specific consumer insights
Competitive landscape intelligence

Marketing strategy, planning and testing

You need to know:

What budget do I need to meet varying KPIs?
How can I optimize my launches with the right channel mix?
How can I ensure relevance in messaging and creative?
What can I test before full-blown execution?

Skai offers:

Dynamic marketing mix
Budget forecasting
Strategic consulting
Media experiments

Retail and direct-to-consumer activation

You need to know:

How can I efficiently and holistically execute across channels?
How can I tell which distribution channels work best?
Can I get online and offline sales channels working together?
What insights can I gain in real-time to maximize the opportunity?

Skai offers:

Retail media
Digital shopper marketing and co-op
Paid Search, social and app stores
Omnichannel customer insights
Custom auditing and alerts
Expert campaign management services


Measurement and attribution

You need to know:

What is the business impact of every go-to-market decision?
What is the value of every channel in my media and distribution mix
Which learnings can I apply to my next launch?
What is my optimal attribution model?
Which insights can I leverage as key drivers for growth?

Skai offers:

Impact Navigator™ always-on incrementality testing
Cross-channel attribution
Compass™ growth prediction engine


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