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Test online or offline channels, at any time

Rethink marketing measurement. With cookies going away, MTA will no longer be an effective way to measure your activity. 

Incrementality does not use consumer data tracking and allows marketers to rapidly measure the true impact of ads, channels, tactics, and strategies. Plan, launch, and analyze incrementality tests with just a few clicks. Find out the true incremental impact of any ad or campaign on sales and other KPIs in as little as 3 weeks. 

"With Impact Navigator, we can measure the real impact in the marketplace before starting significant investment and focus on where there’s really incrementality."
Marina Casas, Advertising Specialist, Privalia



Get real results faster with Impact Navigator


Reduce the speed to insight. What took two months now only takes 60 seconds.


Easily set up tests to measure the direct impact on your unique business KPIs.


The only omnichannel solution that measures true incrementality across multiple simultaneous tests.

Reduce time to insight by more than 80% 

Unlike other labor-intensive, time-consuming incrementality testing tools, Impact Navigator is easy to use and provides actionable results you can implement right away.

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"In the age of walled gardens and pixel leakages, it became impossible to have unified measurement with MTA. With incrementality, we now have a way to understand the true value of our marketing efforts that can inform our budget allocation and media mix."
Yung Le, Director of Acquisition Marketing, Upwork


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Achieve always-on incrementality at scale with Impact Navigator

In our recent webinar with Kinase and eMarketer, we explored the reasons why marketers turn to incrementality testing in order to thrive in a cookie-free world.

Tune into the recording to learn how incrementality testing: