Experts answer retail media’s toughest questions

About the event

The retail media evolution has quickly turned into a revolution. Marketers are faced with escalating competition and increasing macroeconomic headwinds. Staying ahead requires strategic aim, collaboration, and careful analysis of data and insights to make sense of the ecosystem. The next wave brings more retailers, more insights, and more automation, changing the game for brands and forcing marketers to ask new questions.

As part of a monthly blog series, Skai’s Joshua Dreller, Sr. Director, Content Marketing, asks a rotating group of experts across the industry how they’re tackling some of the new challenges in retail media as the channel and best practices evolve.

Join us for a webinar on Wednesday, August 24 at 12 p.m. ET, as we check back in with leaders from The Stable, Media.Monks, beBOLD Digital, and Skai to hear their answers to retail media’s hardest questions:

  • How do you allocate budgets across retailers?
  • Why is measurement still a challenge?
  • Which team should manage Amazon DSP?
  • What is the value of Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC)?