Reinvent CPG Marketing for Growth


Date: January 27th

Time: 11 a.m ET

Duration: 1 hour

According to McKinsey, 80% of CPG CEO’s are looking to marketing leaders to drive above-average growth in 2022. Creative storytelling remains key to success—but increasingly data and analytics take on even greater importance as marketers look to cultivate new consumer experiences across all of the 4Ps that drive deeper engagement and accelerated growth.

Join Skai as we bring together a small group of senior marketers for a virtual roundtable to discuss the reinvention of CPG marketing for growth.

Topics for discussion:

  • How has your role evolved over the last 2 years? Are there decisions about business strategy that you are now a part of that you weren’t before?
  • How are you leveraging insights to inform marketing planning and predict future outcomes versus for post-action measurement?
  • Are there areas of marketing where you have begun to leverage data and AI to complement human-driven efforts? How is this evolving?
  • What balance of your time and attention is devoted to brand building versus customer acquisition and retention? Has increased investments in data and analytics shifted this ratio?

Your hosts

Kate Dubois
Executive Vice President, Omnichannel Growth, Skai
Crissi Cupak
VP of Product, Skai