Path to Purchase Institute’s Retail Media Summit 2023 | June 28-29, 2023

About the event

Palmer House Hilton Hotel
17 E Monroe Street
Chicago, Illinois 60603

Retail media continues to deliver and marketers are adapting FAST.

Join the brightest and most innovative minds in Chicago at P2PI’s Retail Media Summit. This highly anticipated event is designed to help CPG brands and retailers navigate this complicated, rapidly shifting arena of digital commerce.

Meet the Skai team and don’t miss this session!

Strategies for Bridging the Retail Media Data Connectivity Gap
Wednesday, June 28 at 3:30-4 pm CDT

Presented by:
Nich Weinheimer, EVP Strategy, Skai
Peter Galli, Director of Digital Marketing, HART Consumer Product


Nich Weinheimer
EVP Strategy, Skai
Peter Galli
Director of Digital Marketing,
HART Consumer Products