GreenBook’s Insights Tech Showcase: Social Media Research


Date: November 12th

Skai: Overcoming the Limitations of Social Listening with Consumer Intelligence

Despite being a mature offering, social listening platforms are still limited in their ability to provide accurate and actionable insights. In fact, Skai research shows that decision-making accuracy improves from 26% when using social media data alone, to 97% when using five different sources of external data (e.g. sales data, product reviews, patent filings and influencer articles). 

It is time for insights leaders to adjust their expectations of what social listening can deliver and consider a broader, consumer intelligence solution that paints a more complete picture of upcoming trends, consumer behaviors and competitive strategies.

Join Skai and see our industry leading consumer and market intelligence platform in action. Discover how CPG leaders are combining advanced analytics and NLP with curated taxonomies to connect social listening to other data sets for accurate and actionable insights.


Kate Dubois
General Manager, Market Intelligence,
Chase Hochman
Solutions Architect,
Signals Analytics