Increased Performance and Efficiency

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Sydney-based Switched On, part of WPP, is a full-service digital media agency, driving client success in paid social advertising, SEO/SEM, content marketing, influencer marketing, and more. For more than 10 years, Switched On has served clients in the financial, automotive, retail, and travel sectors. Recently, the agency worked with online mortgage lender Aussie Home Loans, a retail financial services group that specializes in sourcing and securing competitive home loans for Australians.  


The Challenge: Save Time for Strategy

Aussie Home Loans has significantly simplified the mortgage lending process for Australians and needed to do the same for its own paid social program. Most importantly, Aussie’s marketing team needed to invest more time on the strategic part of advertising, time that was typically occupied by mundane campaign management. Aussie was eager to improve campaign management without hindering performance.


Solution: Skai’s Automated Bidding and Optimization

While hiring additional staff and resources to focus on strategy may possibly solve that particular problem; it potentially introduces even greater issues than it originally sought out to solve (additional time spent training staff, onboarding new staff, learning curves etc.)

Aussie worked closely with Switched On to help solve this problem by coming up with ways to improve campaign management efficiencies and automate certain campaign features. As Aussie’s agency partner, Switched On moved the lender’s Facebook program to the Skai Social platform, to take advantage of its powerful suite of efficient and effective capabilities.

Skai’s technical capabilities were put to the test, as they had to onboard all of Aussie’s marketing campaigns while avoiding negatively impacting efficiency. The first solution leveraged was Skai’s Portfolio Optimizer (KPO). KPO is a powerful tool that leverages AI and Machine Learning to ensure marketers hit ROI and CPA goals across a portfolio of campaigns. Machine learning algorithms study the performance of ads on an hourly basis to automatically optimize bids and budgets to meet campaign goals. In this case, with the goal of remaining above a specific ROI, KPO optimized budgets across Aussie’s social campaigns to ensure the right campaigns and ad sets received the right investments. With KPO, marketers like Aussie have continuous optimization and significant time savings on tactical tasks so they can focus more on strategy.


The Results: Getting a Great Rate on Conversions

Skai’s streamlined campaign creation flow allowed for quick builds and easy duplication of previous campaigns, while the personas feature enabled very granular specificity and fine-tuning of saved audiences, along with fast image refreshes. With these Skai features, the SwitchedOn team was ultimately able to slash approximately 50% of time spent on campaign creation and get ads quickly up and running, a critical need given the mortgage industry’s dynamic and rapidly changing marketplace.

In addition to accomplishing the original goal of saving time, with Skai Social’s automated bidding tools and portfolio optimizer, plus its ability to share KPIs across multiple Facebook campaigns, Switched On was able to automate many manual tasks and significantly improve campaign performance. Conversions for prospecting and retargeting campaigns increased by 55% and 61% respectively, while costs on the latter decreased by 23%.

Making it finally possible to improve performance while saving time.


  • Speed the campaign creation process
  • Improve campaign management and optimizations


Skai Social

  • Skai Portfolio Optimizer
  • Automated bidding tools
  • Personas
  • Workflow automation


  • Prospecting campaigns saw a 55% increase in conversions
  • Retargeting campaigns saw a 61% increase in conversions and 23% decrease in costs
  • Overall 50% decrease in time spent on campaign creation