Carl Rosendorf

“One of the most significant differentiators that Skai provides is the company’s willingness to understand the unique aspects of the industry in which the client operates. And tailor a program that will maximize the search results and drive the sales leveraging the strength of their technology suite. Everybody has technology; the question is what you are going to do with it? I wanted to work with you guys because you hungry enough and smart enough. There is a lot of great technology out there and very strong sales people out there and there is a lot of great relationships out there, so how does somebody new break in? By listening better, and you listened and you were willing to invest the time and the energy and you supported it with very capable people. That’s your differentiator, its your people as much as it is your technology. In my opinion that is why people will want to switch to you. You are going to work with them in ways beyond the technology and find solutions based on their industry. And that is what happened here with Together we learnt what the attributes were that defined success for this company and layered on this technology that would optimize results.”