Amazon Advertising Success Gained with Skai Ecommerce

14 %
Conversion Rate
40 %
Increased Conversions


A top cell phone accessories brand creates and designs stylish, best-selling cell phone accessories for consumers’ busy lifestyles. With more than 350 products in its portfolio, this brand continues to push the envelope on innovating mobile accessories for iPhone and Android devices. Currently, this cell phone accessories brand is one of Amazon’s Top 50 Sellers Worldwide, with products that continuously rank in the top 20 Best Selling Cell Phone Accessories on Amazon.

Challenges in Ecommerce

When new devices are released by various cell phone makers, brands that sell stylish cell phone accessories always compete to get their products in front of customers at the crucial time of device launch. The cell phone accessories brand in this story focused mostly on the organic search side of their business on Amazon, but was looking to fully embrace paid advertising on Amazon in time for the launch of their new devices. To support the device release, they decided to activate paid ad campaigns on Amazon via Amazon Advertising with multiple goals including:

  • Increased ad impressions
  • Bidding to an ROI of 1
  • Win the auction to beat out competition.

While these goals were high priority, they quickly realized they didn’t have the internal team bandwidth to fully focus attention on both the retail and paid ads programs on Amazon.

Expanded Bandwidth with Skai’s Expert Services Team

To ensure the best possible results for the paid ads side of their Amazon program, the cell phone accessories brand enlisted the help of the Skai Expert Services Team. The Skai team quickly activated Skai’s solution, and dove into their paid advertising in Amazon to take over both the Vendor and Seller ad operations.

The Skai team brought their cross-channel expertise from their experience running campaigns across Facebook, Google and Amazon. With this knowledge, they provided strategy and expert execution for the cell phone brand’s Amazon campaigns.

The Skai team, in collaboration with the cell phone brand, employed the following capabilities and features of the Skai solution that positively impacted their Amazon ads results:

The Analysis Grid: Skai’s Analysis Grid displayed all of the cell phone accessories brand’s paid Amazon ad campaigns and metrics in one place – regardless of their vendor vs. seller status. This crucial campaign and view of their data gave them the insights they needed to find the optimal CPCs and achieve their ROI goal on Amazon.

Fusions Report: Skai’s unique Fusions Report brought automation and transparency to performance reporting, providing Increased visibility and insights by offering a broader analysis timeframe than native tools.

Campaign Centralization: The Skai platform provided meaningful and flexible consolidation of campaigns across different budgets, KPIs and channels (Amazon, Facebook, Search).

Optimizations and Advanced Algorithms: With the help of the Skai team, the cell phone accessories brand leveraged Skai’s portfolio-based organization and bid-to-spend and bid-to-ROI algorithms. Together, they were able to organize and streamline a complex range of ads across a variety of product sets and meet widely-varied ROI goals and other KPIs.

Results that go Above and Beyond!

Leveraging Skai was incredibly helpful for the cell phone accessories brand. Skai acted as an expert extension of their own team, working diligently on their behalf yielding outstanding results.

The cell phone accessories brand used Skai to attain a total ROI of over 2 within the first 30 days of launch.  Initially, they were bidding to break even with ROI, but with the help of the Skai Expert Services Team, an overall ROI of 3 was reached, exceeding their initial ROI of 1 goal.  Conversion rates also skyrocketed to 14%, which was a 40% improvement prior to partnering with Skai.

The Skai Expert Services Team helped the cell phone brand shift into a more efficient way of running their Amazon ads program.  Having insights into their performance in one place, along with sophisticated reporting and bidding algorithms were key to helping them turn around their paid ads strategy. The cell phone accessories brand still leverages Skai and the Skai team today, continuing to see success with their Amazon Advertising program.


  • Increased ad impressions
  • Bidding to an ROI of 1
  • Win the auction to beat out competition


  • Skai Ecommerce
  • Expert Services Team
  • Analysis Grid
  • Fusions Report
  • Campaign Centralization
  • Optimizations
  • Advanced Algorithms


  • ROI of 3
  • Conversions increased 40%
  • Conversion rate increased 14%