Case Studies / Success with Skai

Yellow New Zealand Uses Skai Local To Drive Better Performance And Improve Budget Management

28 %
Conversion Increase
22 %
CPA Decrease


Yellow New Zealand is on a mission to help New Zealand Businesses thrive by developing Digital Marketing Solutions that help them grow. Yellow has a combination of 1700 bespoke and reseller clients. The leadership team’s goal is to transform Yellow into a market-led digital company and keep in step with the digital trends consumers love.


Prior to adopting Skai Local in August 2019, the Yellow Campaign team used a proprietary workflow system that had been adapted to support campaign management. This system was expensive to maintain, lacked budget management, optimisation, automation and cross channel campaign management capabilities. Ultimately they were looking for a fit for purpose platform to scale and optimise campaigns across 1700 accounts on Google, Microsoft Advertising and Facebook. 

Yellow’s primary goals were to:

  • Reduce monthly budget underspends that were impacting their own revenues and customers campaign performance. 
  • Drive better performance for their customers
  • Achieve operational efficiencies through automation and optimisation of budgets across Search and Social


Yellow worked with Skai on a phased approach, with phase 1 focused on the bespoke clients.  Following a quick self-serve onboarding of these accounts via bulk-sheets, the team used Skai Local to:

  • Manage Cross-Channel Campaigns: Yellow was able to manage all its Google, Microsoft and Facebook campaigns in one single platform.
  • Improve Operational Efficiency: The team was able to accelerate campaign creation via the profile copy and campaign mirroring functionality as well as develop a unified template for delivering monthly campaign budget updates at scale. In addition they used Smart Tags to get immediate notification on underperforming portfolios, failed keywords and ad fatigue so that action could be taken quickly.
  • Optimize Performance: Using Skai Budget Pacing on top of Google’s Smart Bidding, the team was able to get a much better handle on how their budgets were being spent, across channels, throughout the month. This ensured that they were not overspending too early, or had underspent at the end of the month, and that budget was allocated to the best performing channels in order to drive performance.

In addition the Yellow team had very specific workflows that they wanted the Skai support team to adapt to. Skai developed a customised plan for them which involved bespoke training, 24/7 slack support and strategic services.

Phase 1 Results:

Budget Management:

  • Budget utilization went from an average of 75% of spend per month to over 95% unlocking additional revenue and profit for YNZ

Client Performance:

  • 28% increase in conversions
  • 20% increase in conversion rate
  • 12% increase in ad views
  • 22% decrease in CPA

Team Efficiencies:

  • Saved 30 hours per month on budget ordering
  • Saved 70 hours per month on budget management



  • To drive better performance and improve budget management


  • Skai Local helped Yellow NZ manage cross-channel campaigns, improve operational efficiency and optimize performance.


  • 28% increase in conversions
  • 22% decrease in CPA
  • Saved 70 hours per month on budget management

“Using Budget Pacing on top of Google Smart Bidding has enabled us to get a much better handle on our client’s spend and campaign profitability. Being able to manage and report on this across channels has saved hours of the team’s time.”

- June Hartel, Head of Sales - Yellow NZ