Case Studies / Success with Skai

XP Investments Uses Skai’s Expert Services Team To Help Optimize Their Social Program

29 %
decrease in CPM
36 %
increase in Declared Investment Value


XP Investimentos is a Brazilian investment management company. The company offers fixed income, equities, investment funds, and private pension products, as well as offers wealth management and other financial services. XP serves customers in Brazil and has offices in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Miami, Cayman Islands, London, and Geneva.


Rico, a property of XP Investimentos, started working with Skai in February 2020 and brought in Skai’s Expert Services Team to optimize its social advertising program, with the primary goal of decreasing CPM and increasing Website Conversion Value. 


Skai and Rico ran a split cost A/B test to determine how to best optimize their program. Skai implemented a Google Analytics integration to benchmark against Rico’s goals and was able to optimize directly to GA data, as well as Audience Bid Multipliers to determine their best-performing gender and age segments. The analysis revealed Rico’s best demographics and enabled Skai to increase the investment and targeting within this segment. 


The half of the A/B test that utilized Audience Bid Multipliers within Skai Social reached Rico’s top segment with 51% of its budget, while the half of the test that did not target that segment with just 39% of its budget. The half using Skai Social decreased CPM by 29% and increased revenue by 36%.

  • 29% decrease in CPM
  • 36% increase in Declared Investment Value